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G&R is an advertising research and consulting firm. We work with companies to apply proven communications research solutions for better understanding audiences and improving advertising effectiveness. Our sweet spot is messaging: how to develop it; how to assess it; how to optimize it; and how to protect it. During our 65 years, our boutique firm has worked with many of the leading advertisers, agencies, and media companies. We have originated many of the advertising research designs now considered standard in the research industry and developed one of the richest knowledge bases about advertising effectiveness in the world. Our business is to help your business succeed by Making Meaning Count.

New: Republicans and Democrats Even Watch the Super Bowl Differently, and What this Says about Social Judgement. Analysis from G&R’s 2020 Annual Super Bowl Viewership Study shows that Republicans and Democrats viewed the Super Bowl broadcast differently and offers some thoughts about the different social judgments members of the two parties may be prone to make. Read our Blog