Who We Are


G&R is a specialty marketing research and consulting company whose mission is to enable our clients to create more effective marketing communications. We offer a unique and comprehensive toolkit of interlocking services that employ sales-validated methods for the development of messaging and the optimization of performance. We work in all media, at every stage of completion, from concepts to in-market campaigns, and apply all forms of data gathering, from in-person, telephone, and web, to physiological. In our more than 65 years we have extensively studied every major B2B and B2C audience segment, developed one of the most extensive knowledge bases about ad effectiveness in the world, and helped more than half of the Fortune 1500 companies enhance the effectiveness of their communications

Research Excellence, The Gallup Legacy

Excellence has been part of our DNA since our founding in 1948 by George Gallup and Claude Robinson, two of the pioneers in survey research. George Gallup is the eponymous name for polling worldwide and his vision and influence continue to grow. Claude Robinson was a giant in his own right – founder of Opinion Research Corporation (ORC), innovator of public relations science, and the first presidential pollster.

Today, for us research is all about the details. Research excellence cannot be painted on with a few broad brushstrokes, but is built into all aspects of our process, from design, to execution, to analysis. One research number can look every bit as solid as another. However, the two are often very different due to the important and unseen work that goes into constructing them. Today’s data processing tools can make research seem like a commodity when it is anything but. Without the same careful design and meticulous execution, two numbers cannot be relied upon with the same confidence. Questionnaires, sampling, interviewing, coding, data processing, and analysis can each introduce significant error.

Our passion ensures that we deliver superior research that adheres to exacting and time-tested standards for quality, responsiveness, and value so that our clients receive the highest quality research for their decision-making needs. We treat your business as if it were our business, building our craft on the following four core values:

Validated MeasuresValidated Measures

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Our solutions are built on experience and knowledge. Each has been rigorously validated by us and by others to ensure that they deliver what they purport to deliver. From the 1950s when our work was substantiated by the ANA to the 2000s when we became the only research supplier to participate in the ARF’s first three engagement investigations, our solutions have been proven and battle-tested to help companies gain the information they need to make better marketing decisions.

Fact-Based InsightsFact-Based Insights

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Intuition and “fast thinking” are critical to making sound marketing decisions, but they are also often flawed. The process we go through when we intuit a decision contains many biases and blind spots. Fact-based insights and “slow thinking” reduce the risk of failure due to these otherwise unknown biases. We work tirelessly to help you improve decision-making by squeezing as much fact-based meaning with as little error as possible about your market.

Advanced TechnologiesAdvanced Technologies

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Research operates at the intersection of people and methods. From interviewing to processing to analysis to reporting, we invest in technology to improve the capabilities of our people and methods. Breakthrough measurement constructs like Advanced Persuasion, Transportation, and Facial EMG, leading edge analytics like Advertising Response Modeling and Concept Convergence Analysis, and proprietary software engines like WebScape, TOES, and STEM, enhance the content, speed, and value of our offerings.

Small-Batch VirtuesSmall-Batch Virtues

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In today’s knowledge economy, large vendor staffs no longer equate with better efficacy and efficiency. The many advantages that small nimble partners offer over large regimented ones now yield a net positive for the client. That’s because smaller firms can think more deeply within their niche, offering a specialized expertise and innovation. In addition, clients receive direct and continuous access to the company’s best resources, without the conflict with other business interests that larger vendors inevitably have.