An ad seven years
old today; as great now as
it was way back then.

What Your Phone Says about How Big a Super Bowl Fan You Are

What type of phone you use says things about the type of person you are. According to new research from G&R, Android, iPhone, flip and land-line phone users differ demographically and attitudinally based on the kind of phone they use most often. These differences include how attentive and proactive a Super Bowl viewer you are, with both types of smartphone users being more receptive audiences than flip or land-line phone users. Continue Reading →

Spillover: Attitudes and Emotions in Bank Advertising from the Wells Fargo Scandal

In a new study of bank advertising, G&R found that the Wells Fargo scandal touched not only how people process messaging from Wells Fargo, but it also influenced how they responded to advertising from other banks as well. Not only were people who were aware of the Wells Fargo scandal 53% less emotionally engaged when watching a Wells Fargo commercial than those who were not, but they were 30% less engaged when watching 9 other bank commercials.

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