Emotional Response to Bank Advertisements

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Emotional Response in Bank Advertisements

A Report by G&R based on fEMG

Brands Included in Report

Banks Included in Report

Information Objectives

  • Learn how bank advertising compares to competitive commercials in terms of emotional activation.
  • See how differences in emotional response contribute to the traditional key performance indicators, of recall, persuasion, and ad liking.
  • Understand how emotional responses to category advertising vary in response to key advertising elements, such as narrative styles, visual elements, branding, and messaging.
  • Discover how fEMG and the measurement of emotional valence can help teams improve advertising performance.

Research Design

30 category users (50% male, 50% female) ages 21-65, were recruited in central NJ, and screened through a pre-exposure survey. Qualified respondents were invited to a central location for a one-on-one session and connected to neurophysiological equipment using non-invasive sensors. After recording baseline measures, respondents were shown 10 banking commercials (rotated). Neuro-physiological responses were automatically recorded during the viewing. Following exposure, respondents take computer-assisted survey about the ads they remember, as well as attitudinal, behavioral, and demographic classification questions.

Commercials Tested

Bank ads tested

Examples of Deliverables

Pharma Case History

Watch a sample video display.

See a sample panogram.

Key Measures

  • Second-by-second measures of positive and negative activation, based on Facial Electromyography (fEMG), the gold standard for measuring emotional valence.
  • Survey-based diagnostic measures of Recall, Persuasion, and Liking


  • Executive summary and analysis of key overall and commercial-specific findings in MSWord
  • Video Displays: Dynamic, second-by-second response to each commercial overlaid with the commercial
  • Panograms: Static traces of positive and negative response for each commercial with call-outs of key scenes
  • Optional Skype/WebEx-type or In-office work session and PPT presentation of results.


  • Complete study as described above (all ten commercials): $7,800
  • Individual commercials only (video display, panogram and commercial-specific key findings): $3,000 per commercial
  • Work sessions:
    • Skype/WebEx-based: $1,000
    • On-site: $2,000, plus travel
  • Special analyses are available for an upcharge on a time and material basis

How to Order

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