Case Studies

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Case Studies

Practice makes Perfect

G&R’s research has been used to meet specific client objectives and help build strong brands in all sectors. Below is a list of case studies detailing some of G&R’s experiences, from sound execution, to proven solutions, to innovative problem solving, to advanced analytics, to trusted activation. You can learn more about each by clicking on the title.

Client Success Stories:

Consumer Package GoodsConsumer Package Goods

Real-World Copy Testing. Qualifying advertising for market for a consumer packaged goods company.


Structured Content Development. Identifying messaging that works for a pharmaceutical company.

Advertising AgencyAd Agency

Monadic Pre-Testing. Building conviction about content options for an ad agency and its client.

Public Relations AgencyPublic Relations Firm

Situation-Driven Pre-Testing. Partnering with a PR agency to prepare for an unknown known.

Media CompanyMedia Company

Content Marketing Research. Investigating new content opportunities to build clients for a media company.

Media Company/Trade AssociationMedia Trade Association

Neuromarketing using fEMG. Applying advanced neuromarketing solutions to discover new learning about how advertising works for a media trade association.

Non-ProfitNon-Profit Foundation

Non-Monadic Pre-Testing. Helping a non-profit foundation establish accountability in its communication.

Higher EducationHigher-Education

Attitudes and Usage Study. Constructing a new learning opportunity for a university’s students.

Legal ResearchLegal

Claims Substantiation Research. Protecting communications property.

Research ConsultantMarketing Consultant

Pre/Post Tracking. Teaming with a consultant to improve research standards throughout a company.

Federal AgencyFederal Agency

Concept Testing. Providing the facts for updating policy for a government agency.

Government Transit AuthorityTransit Authority

Tracking Study. Activating research findings for a governmental transit authority.