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Advertising concepts can be executed in many ways. Even with strong messages, some executions are better than others. Advertisers benefit by sorting out the most promising creative approaches before incurring the costs of final production or media placement.

G&R is highly experienced in assessing content among both consumer and B2B audiences of all types, revealing their strengths and weaknesses, and pointing the way to improvements that can make all the difference between success and failure in the marketplace.

Our solutions can be used for all communication forms, including TV, digital, print, radio, POS, websites, and mobile.

G&R’s unique suite of carefully-designed copy testing and content assessment tools are ideal for meeting specific information objectives.

How we do it:

Online PretestingOnline Copy Testing

Today’s technologies enable advertisers to produce test stimuli, recruit target audiences, gather meaningful data, and produce actionable results quickly and cost-effectively. G&R’s powerful suite of online pretesting tools harnesses these technologies to deliver high quality data with experience-based analysis and actionable recommendations.

Real World copy testingReal World Copy Testing

Context is important so Real World Copy Testing remains the Gold Standard for understanding copy effectiveness. G&R is the only research vendor that offers real world solutions for each major media, including TV, digital, magazines, newspapers, radio, and mobile.

NeuromarketingNeuro-Marketing & Emotional Response Analysis

The confluence of Behavior Economics and Neuroscience is leading to new ways to think about human response. G&R’s state-of-the-art CERA system and Audience Response Lab specifically help advertisers understand the non-verbal feelings that people hold about brands, features, designs, and communications.

Advanced Persuasion researchAdvanced Persuasion

Traditional Persuasion systems focus on attracting new customers. G&R’s Advanced Persuasion assesses the strength of messages not only in terms of attracting new customers but also on retaining existing ones, a brand’s most profitable cohort.

Flow Theory ResearchTransportation Research (Flow Theory)

Some advertising achieves success through flow, a different means of communication engagement than priming, persuasion, liking, or even love. Flow is a state of mind where the viewer is lost in the moment, and can influence underlying attitudes about a brand or belief. G&R’s Transportation Research measures the ability of advertising to produce a flow-like mental state during exposure.

Conjoint AnalysisComJoint Tests

Widely used for product design, Conjoint Analysis is a statistical technique to evaluate how audiences value different attributes that make up a product or service. By integrating these experimental design and analysis principles into our copy testing studies, G&R can deepen insights from A/B testing by more precisely identifying the factors that contribute to or detract from how an advertisement performs among its audience.