Advanced Persuasion

Advanced Advertising PersuasionAdvanced Persuasion

Shifting the Paradigm in Persuasion Measurement

As the dynamic between brands and customers progresses, audiences have become more sophisticated consumers of brand advertising. It has become evident that persuasion is more complex than many previously thought. Consumer relationships with the products and services they use evolve over time, becoming enriched as brand experiences occur but also receding in the face of competitive activity and other events. Consumer feelings about a brand is swayed by a tide of competing appeals and emotions.

Despite our increasing appreciation for this complexity, persuasion measures have typically remained limited in scope, either depending on a single rating or on brand change mechanisms which tell something about whether your ad can bring new buyers into the tent but tells little about the effect of the ad on the people who were in the tent to begin with – your current customers. For most brands it is these core customers who are the most loyal and profitable, buying your brand repeatedly and in quantity, usually without promotional incentive. Consequently brand-switching based persuasion, with its focus on non-customers, fails to assess the impact of advertising among those who have the most significant ROI implications.

G&R’s Advanced Persuasion takes into account the complex, multi-layered nature of brand preferences that move consumers not only toward being persuaded to your brand but also toward greater feelings of conviction about and attachment with your brand. Advanced Persuasion provides a complete perspective on consumer response to your message. Rather than rely on a single measure, consumer response is measured on multiple dimensions to provide comprehensive insight into how and why consumers respond to your advertising on a number of fronts. Advanced Persuasion looks at both how well non-customers are moved to your brand and how well the messaging works to cement relationships with your vital current customers.

With Advanced Persuasion you can see the whole persuasion brand-building picture.

Key Benefits and Features:

  • Multi-dimensional measurements more fully assess your advertising’s effect on consumers than simplistic scales or conventional brand switching measures. These metrics provide our clients with a more complete perspective into how their advertising affects customers across the entire brand relationship dynamic from acquisition to retention
  • Grounded in engagement theory
  • Linked with increased sales both in terms of increased penetration and increased volume per buyer
  • Better discriminates between alternative creative approaches
  • Is Internet-enabled but can also be used with other test methods such as G&R Impact suite of in-context testing