Emotional Response Analysis

neuro marketing researchContinuous Emotional Response Analysis (CERA)

Non-Cognitive, Second-by-Second Measurement of Emotional Response

CERA is G&R’s unique neuro-physiological system for measuring pre-conscious, emotions-based response. It deepens understanding of how people respond to marketing stimuli by focusing on the non-verbal markers of emotional response.

CERA measures emotional valence, the split-second positive and negative reactions that we all have when we are presented with any kind of stimulus. CERA’s focus on valence differs from the various other measures of neuro-marketing, which focus on arousal. Arousal measures track gross reactions but have shown limited value in advertising assessment because they are unable to distinguish between positive and negative response. Does the measure spike because the viewer likes something in the commercial or because it revolts her? CERA improves on this through its use of Facial Electromyography (fEMG). Based on the proven construct of facial coding, but with greater measurement precision and objectivity, electrodes placed on the proper muscle groups can, thus, distinguish and track positive and negative emotional reactions to a stimulus as they occur. fEMG is the current “Gold Standard for measuring emotional valence.”

The CERA methodology invites screened target respondents to a facility, where they then are presented to appropriated stimuli (for example a fifteen minute television program that contains pods of test and clutter commercials if the study is of TV advertising). As they watch and/or listen and/or do, a computer calibrates their specific emotional ranges and tracks positive and negative reactions during the experience. Respondents are also re-exposed to the test stimuli and asked additional attitudinal or implicit questions to further enhance understanding of reactions to specific elements.

CERA’s unique value is in its ability to improve understanding of human response to usually mild stimuli of marketing and advertising. It pinpoints specific elements that elicit positive or negative viewer reactions, adjustments that enhance the effectiveness of commercial executions and uncover differences in Impact test results that were not evident by conventional analysis.

Key Benefits and Features:

  • “Gold Standard” for measuring emotional valence
  • Distinguishes positive from negative pre-conscious emotional response
  • Permits second-by-second measurement of response to specific elements
  • High granularity makes it a unique, accurate and highly useful diagnostic tool
  • Can supplement and/or explain traditional measures
  • Not subject to the biases of memory and limitations of verbalization

All CERA studies are administered by an experienced member of our research team. We have partnerships with focus group facilities nationwide and can conduct studies in specific markets, and also operate our own lab facility which we use for this and other audience response studies. Learn more here.