Online Pre-Testing

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Online Pre-Testing

G&R offers a unique and powerful suite of online pre-testing solutions, each of which has been carefully constructed to fit specific information needs. All systems are based on today’s best thinking about how advertising works and use today’s technologies to deliver reliable, high-quality data, analysis, and insight to help further your case.

How we do it:


Comprehensive, full service copy testing. Monadic, in-clutter design, with full range of evaluative measures and actionable diagnostics. Start here; consider other designs depending on specific information needs.


Combine the information, speed, flexibility, and control advantages of WebCheck with a 24-hour delayed (Day After) measure of advertising breakthrough.


Use qualitative protocols (non-monadic, where the respondent sees and reacts to more than one creative option) to sort through alternatives quickly and efficiently within a quantitative framework.


Test creative against the backdrop of current competitive executions.


Present and evaluate stimulus options when respondent attitudes have been framed to be positive or negative to the intended messaging or sponsor.


Test creative in the context of the various media channels in which it will appear. Understand how audiences react to messaging when they see it in the expected full multi-channel campaign.


Low-cost, monadic A/B testing for when your need results quickly with little embellishment.