Web-based Ad and Marcom Testing

WebCheck is a comprehensive, fast and cost-effective solution for testing ads and marcom stimuli of all kinds. It marries G&R’s deep expertise in copy testing with today’s state-of-the-art technology to deliver information you can count on, when you need it, for making better content decisions. It is ideal for pre-testing and optimizing rough ads and concepts in all media, including A/B testing.

WebCheck is conducted online using established Internet panels and advanced, proprietary software that controls exposure conditions and security. Respondents view test stimuli and complete interactive self-administered questionnaires in their homes or offices. Stimuli may be viewed alone or in a realistic context of advertising clutter to obtain measures of breakthrough, communication, persuasion, liking and engagement. The test design is monadic, where respondents see and react to one test ad, but can also contain a proto-monadic option, where respondents also provide a comparative assessment. Advertising pre-tests use specialized diagnostics and rich open-ended questions.

WebCheck’s sampling footprint is both domestic and international. It can be used to test among any B2C and B2B audience and can be a very cost-effective means for testing among low incidence and professional samples. Chances are we can deliver even the most hard to find segments.

Key Benefits and Features:

  • Proven measures; strong diagnostics; rich open-ends
  • Fast turnaround in as little as two workdays with general samples
  • Managed and interpreted by highly experienced communications professionals
  • Built from a unique and extensive knowledge base in marcom evaluation
  • Highly competitive pricing
  • Adaptable to most media and marcom subjects
  • Easily integrated with G&R’s Impact post-testing services
  • Domestic and international; ideal for low incidence samples
  • Flexible design and questionnaire options
  • Advanced proprietary software and special security features maximize stimulus exposure control and confidentiality