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In-Market Performance

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Tracking Research has long been accepted as an important management tool for gaining insight about audience perceptions and how they change over time. Periodic snapshots of key performance indicators can help companies uniquely understand marketing performance relative to competitors. Even in today’s world of voluminous and near instantaneous social media feedback, tracking research is the best solution available for systematically assessing impact and understanding the reasons behind the performance patterns in creating awareness, building knowledge, encouraging trial, enhancing attitudes, and strengthening advocacy.

How we do it:

Pre/Post Studies Echo (Pre/Post Studies)

Echo is a highly focused tracking solution that provides a quick and cost-effective read of market reaction to new campaigns by measuring awareness and attitudes towards the product or idea, before and after campaign launch.

TrackingC-Track (Tracking Studies)

C-Track is a full-scale tracking capability that can be tailored to meet your information needs through flexible design options and analytics. It is intended to improve understanding of how advertising works over time to influence your market, and how its effectiveness can be enhanced.