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Companies frequently have information objectives that cannot be met with off-the-shelf methodologies. That’s where G&R Marketing Research capabilities come in. Marketing Research projects are built on the basis of core competencies, but often employ new and unique research techniques.

Conducting such work requires imagination, flexibility, and skill. Our team of experienced researchers has had years of client and agency-side experience working with scores of product categories. This enables them to identify the research objectives of unique projects and develop methodologies that precisely meet them. We have the resources to employ every data collection technique and invent new ones when necessary. We have the contacts required to work in every domestic and international market. Rarely are two projects alike – frequently they employ solutions that break new ground; all are solidly grounded in the realities of the marketplace.

G&R is particularly experienced in several specialty areas in which we have conducted hundreds of studies and enjoy an international reputation for quality. The proprietary knowledge we have developed in these areas qualifies us as a unique and important resource for our clients.

How we do it:


AA&U studies help our clients define their market and spotlight areas of opportunity. A well-designed AA&U study increases understanding of brand and product attitudes that are more important to purchasing decisions, strengths and weaknesses relative to key competitors, and how people navigate through the buying process.

Segmentation ResearchSegmentation Research

Segmentation Research provides information about the characteristics of your market and how to identify those members who are most receptive to and most easily accessed for your selling propositions. It enables you to more precisely define and target your audience.

Spokesperson and Icon TestingSpokesperson and Icon Testing

Selecting the right spokesperson and symbols for your brand can affect its performance for years to come. Our studies go beyond traditional measures of awareness, credibility, and likeability, and examine the goodness of fit between presenter/source evaluations, brand imagery, and purchase dispositions.

Claims SubstantiationClaims Substantiation Research

Claims Substantiation Research requires exacting design and meticulous execution. Less than a third of studies submitted to the NAD are reliable enough to have an impact on the final outcome of the case. G&R’s studies are based on data that is collected independently, and according to rigorous quality standards. They are overseen by skilled practitioners who will work with you closely, whether your needs are internal, regulatory, or adjudicatory.

Events & SponsorshipExperiential Marketing, Events, and Sponsorship Evaluation

After all the hoopla, how do premium experiential and media opportunities pay out? How can you best monetize the value of such initiatives? When you decide to advertise on premium events, do people notice, and how do they react? Independently and objectively, G&R research can help you assess such non-traditional opportunities using a variety of testing and tracking tools.

Corporate ReputationCorporate Reputation

In today’s world, an increasingly important influence on buying decisions is people’s perceptions of the companies that stand behind the brand. Understanding how customers, consumers, communities, and/or constituents think about the company, the esteem they have for its values, mission, and people, and how well they trust what it does influence purchase behavior in both good times and bad. G&R Corporate Reputation studies identify areas that impact decisions to consider, try, and continue to use your products.

Content MarketingContent Marketing Evaluations

Companies are driving profitable growth by delivering high-quality, relevant, branded content to prospects and customers. With its attendant benefits in acquisition, retention, and advocacy, content marketing is being used in a variety of settings, including websites, custom magazines, print and online newsletters, emails, webcasts, microsites, podcasts, and long form videos. To help with the challenge inherent in quantifying the value of these communications, G&R offers in-depth research solutions for measuring, understanding, and improving the effectiveness of Content Marketing.

Cross-Media EffectivenessCross-Media Effectiveness Research

Companies make substantial investments in communicating with their markets via an assortment of channels. Many accumulate data, at considerable expense, about how effective these communications are individually. Often, though, they lack understanding about how the various parts contribute to the whole. G&R’s Integrated Cross-Media Effectiveness Research uses advanced modeling and analytic techniques to help companies mine and better use attitudinal, dispositional, and media consumption patterns data to improve and integrate their communications programs by enabling them to understand their synergies and combined impact.

Medium InfluencesMedium Influences Research

G&R conducts large-scale studies using masses of data aimed at quantifying audience characteristics, the nature of their use of and involvement with a given medium, and the consequences this has for advertising messages. These studies are aimed at increasing understanding of how the medium itself influences the effectiveness of the advertising it carries. For example, in television, we have quantified how premium primetime programs enhance or detract from message communication. We know how your commercial’s position in the program or pod influences its performance or if certain media categories are more effective than others in communicating your message. We are equally experienced in conducting ad hoc studies of client-specific media issues.