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Cause Marketing ResearchCause Marketing Research

Doing Good, Done Well

Raising awareness or encouraging behavior modification for a social or public health issue is quite a different communications challenge than persuading consumers to purchase commercial products. Increasingly, though, the two forms of communication are being held to one overall standard: accountability. Campaign designers and funding sources face two underlying questions: 1) is a campaign worth the investment of time and resources; and 2) how does one increase the chances that the campaign will be effective? Unfortunately, not all communication campaigns work and, when they do work, they usually do so in a messy, real-world way.

At G&R, we provide companies and organizations with the research solutions they need to develop and qualify successful communications. Our 60 years of industry experience have shown us that there are four leading determinants of campaign success:

  1. Objectives – selecting the most appropriate objectives(s);
  2. Exposure – identifying appropriate delivery channels and ensuring your target audience sees the message;
  3. Message design – deciding how to best communicate the central message; and
  4. Evaluation – measuring effectiveness using a suitable evaluation strategy.

As a result, our tools have been shaped specifically for cause-related needs. From benchmarking, to segmentation, to belief elicitation, to concept positioning assessment, to copy testing, our unique resources and expertise will help you assess communication strength at all stages of development, optimize designs to address specific research objectives, and obtain meaningful feedback quickly and cost-effectively.

Key Benefits and Features:

  • Integrated or stand-alone capabilities from concept development to launch qualification
  • Specialized experience with a wide range of cause-related issues across a wide array of media
  • Proprietary research hygiene programs for controlling stimulus presentation and sample quality
  • Proven evaluative and diagnostic measures and state-of-the-art methods
  • Successful partnerships within a diverse group of nationwide and community-based organizations and teams
  • Discount pricing for 501(c) and similar organizations