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What Your Phone Says about How Big a Super Bowl Fan You Are

What type of phone you use says things about the type of person you are. According to new research from G&R, Android, iPhone, flip and land-line phone users differ demographically and attitudinally based on the kind of phone they use most often. These differences include how attentive and proactive a Super Bowl viewer you are, with both types of smartphone users being more receptive audiences than flip or land-line phone users. Continue Reading →

Game Plan: Narrative versus Non-narrative in Super Bowl Advertising

G&R research shows that narrative advertising helps Super Bowl advertisers improve the return they earn on their multi-million dollars investment

A recently published study by communications research firm G&R shows that Super Bowl advertising is more effective when it tells a story than when it presents information.

At the broad level, there are two forms of advertising: informative and narrative. Informative ads present the consumer with what the advertiser thinks are well-constructed arguments for purchasing a particular brand and use personal self-interest to mediate response. Narrative ads, on the other hand, use stories to model how consumers can use products and create meaning. They typically include two key elements: chronology, a temporal organization of events with a beginning, middle and an end, and causality, the structuring of story elements that establishes relationships between the elements and allows for causal inference, both presented in an entertaining and engaging way.

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G&R Game Changers: Social Media and Super Bowl Advertising

Social Media helps advertisers improve the return they earn on their multi-million dollars investments

Social Media has changed the game for Super Bowl advertisers. A recent study by communications research firm, G&R, shows that social media enables advertisers to multiply the efficiency of their advertising investment by increasing the number of people who see the advertising (reach), the number of times that a person sees the advertising (frequency), and how well an ad registers with a person (ad engagement).

Traditionally, running advertising on the Super Bowl has been for the young and for the strong. New companies looking to get noticed in a hurry and established companies seeking to communicate with large sections of their markets simultaneously have fronted the now $4.5 million per :30 ad costs because of the unique advertising opportunity that the Super Bowl presents. No other advertising venue delivers as large an audience, has more opportunity for water cooler and press replay, and associates the product with such an esteemed event. Plus, viewers pay additional attention to Super Bowl commercials than they do the regular advertisement, as they search for the most entertaining spots and the regrettable but inevitable failures. Continue Reading →

Giving Super Bowl Advertising a Buzz: Social Media Initiators Influence Super Bowl Advertising Buzz and Buy Advertised Products

Super Bowl watching is a social experience. We watch the game eagerly for its pomp and competitiveness, but also to assemble with friends and family, be part of a community, and engage with others as the show and the advertising unfold. We share food and drink. We talk before during and after the game. And, increasingly, we use social media to broaden our connectedness. The propensity to engage in social media activity influences the Super Bowl viewing experience and how people consume advertising messages. According to new research from G&R, the more actively involved a person is in social media, the more commercials they pay attention to and the more favorable their reaction to them is. Continue Reading →