What Your Phone Says about How Big a Super Bowl Fan You Are

What type of phone you use says things about the type of person you are. According to new research from G&R, Android, iPhone, flip and land-line phone users differ demographically and attitudinally based on the kind of phone they use most often. These differences include how attentive and proactive a Super Bowl viewer you are, with both types of smartphone users being more receptive audiences than flip or land-line phone users.

Smartphone users (Android or iPhone) tend to be younger and more affluent than flip or land-line phone users. iPhone users are the youngest and most affluent phone user, even more so than Android phone users. They also contain a heavier proportion of females than males. Land line users tend to be the oldest and least affluent phone users.

The type of phone usage is also associated with differences in attitudinal traits indicative of viewing habits. Smartphone users (Android or iPhone) are more likely to closely follow professional football and to be fans of the teams that are playing the game than flip or land-line phone users. They are also more likely to enjoy Super Bowl advertising. Phone users are the greatest influencers, even more than Android users, meaning they are least likely to watch the telecast by themselves and they are the most likely to communicate to others about what they watched before and after the game. Land line users are least likely to be transported by programming. That is, they are least likely to lose themselves in or be carried away by what they are watching.

According to Scott Purvis, Managing Director of G&R, “While there are more Android users than iPhone, flip and land-line users, iPhone users offer certain qualitative advantages as an audience. They are as attentive to the programming and advertising as Android users (more so than flip and land-line users) and they are the most communicative with their friends about what they saw and liked than all other phone types.”

The study is based on a representative online sample of 382 adults who watched all or nearly all of the Super Bowl telecast and was conducted the day after the past three Super Bowl games.

About G&R:

G&R is an advertising and marketing research company based in Pennington, New Jersey. For more than 60 years it has helped leading advertisers understand the effectiveness of their advertising and improve its contribution to their business. For the past 20 years, the company has tracked the quality of Super Bowl commercials by polling viewers on the day after the game about commercials they remember and their reaction to them.

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