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Advertising Effectiveness: Problem #30

Problem: Settling for Engagement.

As media choices grow, engagement has received interest as a metric for elevating cross-media assessment. All eyeballs are not equal and some media channels, particularly digital ones, assert they are better than others at delivering eyeballs that matter more to a particular brand. Engagement focuses on the qualitative side of communication and deepens traditional reach and frequency discussions.

But engagement is only a partial measure of total advertising effect. Engagement is loosely defined as producing a positive brand experience. It is often operationalized through such measures as views, clicks, likes, shares and comments. Knowing whether an ad experience has been engaging is more actionable than knowing where and when an ad ran, but it is not as actionable as knowing whether an ad influenced buying behavior. Achieving sustained performance improvement and brand building requires more than engagement. Continue Reading →

Advertising Effectiveness: Problem #12

Problem: Using Short-Term Measures to Determine Advertising Performance.

Marketing ROI calculations often measure activities such as sales, inquires, and clicks to gauge the effectiveness of a program. The strength is that these measure what someone actually does, as opposed to what he or she says they will do. However, activities, even ones as concrete as sales, are short-term behaviors; what someone does today is not always predictive of what he or she will do tomorrow. As a result, analyses that are based on activities tend to support programs that produce short-term effects at the expense of programs that also have material long-term benefits. For example, using sales data alone, couponing generally outperforms advertising, but this conclusion would not make for a sound marketing practice. Continue Reading →


Too small to read and
in the fold, don’t make the brand
toilsome to behold.

Ghirardelli: Rendezvous


Tasteful elegance,
true to brand character make
a sweet TV spot.